Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Greetings loyal reader! :)

I'm going to be moving my blog posting to Tumblr in hopes that a new writing venture with friends will inspire me to blog more about what's going on in my life. Check out both at the links below:

My new blog: Walters World

New venture: Via Scribendi

Friday, August 13, 2010

Injury & A Bag

The last hike of the season, I fell and injured my knee. About 10 days later it was still hurting and I was sent in for an MRI. Well, I tore the meniscus in my left knee and have been ordered to be on crutches. I have discovered that I hate crutches. They are of the devil. They force me to slow down (which is good, I guess) BUT they also mean I can't go grocery shopping by myself or even carry things anymore. Which brings me to my latest craftiness:

A new purse!

Mostly using fabric I already had-- paisley from a bridesmaids' present and the blue lining & flower from a dress that doesn't fit anymore-- and only purchasing $12 of supplies (and there's stuff leftover!) I made this bag today in only 3 hours! Okay, it's not Project Runway fabulousness or speed but I'm pretty proud of myself!!

Anyway, that's my bag. I like it :) More info on the knee to come soon... that is, as soon as I see the ortho doc on the 23rd! Gah, at least I'll have a cute bag when I'm on crutches for another 2-4 weeks!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Project: No TV

I checked our account balances and realized DishNetwork had charged us $30 more than they should. Philip called. Reason? The DVR/box we had in our house broke (stopped recording, changing channels, etc) so we shipped it back and got a new one. The $30 was their fee for sending us a new one. Long story short, we decided to cancel DishNetwork for their poor customer service. Not to mention the fact that we watch WAY. TOO. MUCH. TV.

Day 1. Thursday.
We got new internet installed and thus had to disconnect the DishNetwork anyway. So we got rid of Dish and Clearwire in one fail swoop. Hello, $80+/month!
No one was really home all day and night so this day went well.

Day 2. Friday.
I had Breakfast Bible Study with my kiddos so I left the house at 5:30am well before my beloved Gilmore Girls was supposed to be on anyway. Didn't miss it. On the other hand, my work computer had crashed on Wednesday so I was still without a computer as of today SO I just HAD to go home :) I normally would've watched TV but instead went to the library to borrow some movies (BTW: Changeling= AWESOME) then I worked in the garage tearing apart a dresser I had just purchased on Tuesday ($9, baby!) Plans are to turn it into something like THIS from Ikea Hacker. Yes, really.
There are drawers for the bottom.
I just got ahead of myself ripping things apart
before I thought to take pictures.
The Plan: The bottom two drawers will be functional for storage.
We're going to hinge the top, permanently affix the six remaining d rawer-fronts to the front and cut a hole in the side for Tink to get in and out. Basically a giant litterbox. Hopefully this will keep her from tracking litter bits all over the house.
Also: There's a hideous mirror that goes with this.
We will NOT be using that.

Day 3. Saturday.
Philip went to do chores at the kennel. For me? 9am-5pm was spent in the garage stripping my grandmother's 50+ year old credenza of it's nasty blue-green-brown paint.

I had been told there was mahogany under all that nasty paint and smokers-haze... and they were right!

The hours and hours spend stripping that furniture was totally worth it when I first saw a glimpse of the beautiful, solid mahogany underneath. Yay. [more pictures to come] Now all that's left to do is clean, stain and poly. :)

Day 4. Sunday.
Today was Confirmation Sunday at church. So after all those festivities were over I headed home and wrote a 6-page paper for the class I'm taking now called "Leadership, Justice & Forgiveness". Honestly? I BSed the whole thing.
Also, today was our final installment of Dave Ramsey at Financial Peace University. This class has CHANGED. OUR. LIVES. And I can't believe how on-board Philip has been with the whole thing. It took me well over a year to convince him to do it and now I think he thinks we should've done this a long time ago. [I also plan to do this class for my high schoolers this summer... hopefully then our whole church will get on the FPU train!]

Day 5. Monday.
My day off.
It's typically spent cleaning and watching TV. Plans for today? Washing the credenza with Odorless Mineral Spirits, cleaning the house, doing laundry, going to see "How To Train Your Dragon" with the hubs tonight.

Overall and so far this NO TV thing hasn't been so bad. I feel very relaxed and have been very, very productive. I have high hopes for the future... until football season. That might change things a bit...

P.S. Only FOUR posts this year?! Wow... I've got to fix that...